Top 10 SmartPhone Apps for Diabetics

We live in an age where technology is apart of our daily lives.  One important piece of that technology that most people can’t live without is their smartphone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry).  Ever consider using your phone to help you control and manage your diabetes?  Afterall, most of us do have it by our side at all times (mine is attached at the hip!)

Using your smartphone to help you reduce the time you spend measuring and monitoring your blood sugar levels (also medications calories and foods, exercise activity, etc), help you stay on track to meet your goals, store important information to share with your doctor and other health professionals.  The main benefit of using a mobile app for diabetes is that it helps diabetics improve their overall management of diabetes.

There are many mobile apps for diabetes but all are not created equal. So here is a top 10 (in my opinion) the best apps for a diabetic to download and use. (* Note: these are in no specific order.)

  1.        Diabetes Pilot (iPhone, iPod, iPad)-is an app created by diabetics for diabetics. This app is flexible and easy to use.  It has the following features: records blood sugar measurements, records medications, records meals and exercise, tracks blood pressure and other lab results. This app also features a food database, which is helpful on the go.  It helps calculate insulin dosages (taking the guess work out of it). It even creates detailed reports for you to monitor your progress! Cost: $11.99
  2.    Glucose Buddy (iPhone, iPod, iPad) – this is the #1 ranked diabetes app in iTunes. Created by It has the following features: food, medication and exercise logs, an intercative forum for further diabetes education, and syncs with your desktop to create graphs/charts to easily understand your health trends. Cost: FREE
  3. WaveSense (iPhone, iPod, iPad) – produced by makers of glucose monitors (Presto, Keynote, and Jazz). It has the following features: view glucose trends in charts/graphs over 90 days, educational diabetes videos, allows you to set goals (blood sugars), mealtime scheduling, meal, activity and medication management, color-coded logbooks to identify highs/lows, and ability to email recorded information to health professionals. The downside though is no food database to help monitor and track calories and other nutrients. Cost: FREE
  4.     Vree (iPhone, iPod, iPad) – this fairly new app is from Merek (drug company). It has the following features: glucose, exercise, weight, blood pressure, food and medications logs, food database including restaurant meals, various articles and tips to help with diabetes management, and also the ability to email recorded information to health professionals. Cost: Was free, but I believe it is $1.99 currently.
  5.    OnTrack (Android phones & tablets) – One of the few for android devices! This app has thee following features: Log and graph blood sugar levels, food intake, exercise, weight, blood pressure, bodyfat, pulse, A1c, and medications. Very similar to the Apple applications. This app allows you to make personal notes and export information to your doctor and other medical professional. Also it has a personal reminder alarm for medications, food, exercise, etc.  Cost: FREE
  6.     Log for Life (iPhone, iPod, iPad) – the name of the product explains it. This app allows the user to log blood sugars, medications, carbs, weight, and exercise. It also features: interactive graphs, exporting to medical professionals and PDF reports for printing. The downside is it requires a monthly fee of $9 after a 30 day trial. Cost: FREE for 30 days, then $9 a month.
  7.    Lose It (iPhone, iPod, iPad) –mostly used for weight loss, this app can be used to help diabetics with their weight management. This app allows you to set food and exercise budgets to help keep you on track. Here some of its features: database of foods and activities, ability to setup recipes, track nutrients (calories, protein, fat, and carbs), earn badges to recognize your successes, share results on Twitter and Facebook, daily/weekly email reports, customize workouts and meals, and works without an internet connection.  The cool thing is that 85% of active users experience weight loss. Cost: FREE
  8. Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary (iPhone, iPod, iPad) –probably one of the most user-friendly and higher quality apps out there.  It has a massive food database of 400k plus.  It has tons of features like: the ability to create custom recipes and foods, food analysis, 500 + different types of activities/exercises, target planning and goal setting for calories and your weight, , and is backed by which has a large online community supported by a registered dietitian and many articles on diabetes to help guide you.  Cost: FREE for app; free to $5 a month.
  9. iBGStar Diabetes Manager App & Glucose Meter (iPhone, iPod, iPad- to be released soon) – this highly innovated app features the latest in technology and data management. The app allows users to check their blood sugars through the plug-in meter while viewing, storing, and tracking their blood sugars using the app.  Its other features include: the ability to tag your blood sugars to specific meal you’ve eaten, track nutrients (caloires, carbs, blood sugar trend charts, logbook, statistics, and ability to share your data with your doctor.  The app and meter is expected to release sometime in the near future, it is awaiting FDA clearence since it is a “medical device”. Cost: Estimated around $80 for the meter and app.
  10. My Fitness Pal (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows) – a highly popular fitness app can be used on all devices. It has likely the largest food database out of all the apps mentioned (1.5+ million). It also features the following: works OFFLINE, track all nutrients (calories, fat, protein, fiber, etc), recipe calculator, over 350 exercises and tracking to get you sweating, customized goals to help you get results, detailed reports to keep track of your progress, social media sharing,  and also backed by a large onllline community – which supports millions of dieters. Cost: FREE




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